arissa (alissarobot) wrote in hyperthetical,

what if brian wilson was in your band?

so i've been listening to a lot of the beach boys this week and it's influencing my thoughts on everything else i'm listening to. so i was listening to seve vs. evan's song "little red and wolfie b." and thinking, "what if evan sang some falsetto brian wilson vocals for little red and seve sang the wolf part?" then inspiration struck again. (if anyone wants to donate an entire cable access station to me i've got the ideas to make the shows. i'm not into reality tv...or tv in general - but this is way better than anything i've heard about.) the WIBWWIYB? show would revolve around the portland music scene, filming some of the bands, then interviewing them after the show. the interview would ask them how their band could be better with brian wilson. his amazing falsetto, simple arrangments that sound so big, and sheesh, he was in the beach boys - he's brian wilson - who wouldn't want to go see their band? then brian wilson himself would appear from behind an emerald curtain and offer his suggestions. maybe even play with the band and help them write an amazing song.
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